Keep The Bugs Away Naturally

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There’s nothing that takes the fun out of summer like nasty insect bites. You all know what I mean. You’re outdoors enjoying yourself, soaking up the warmth and the relaxed pace of summer and the next thing you know, your slapping away at yourself like you’re in some cult that glorifies self-punishment! It’s the bugs, and now you know you’re in for a good few days and nights of serious itching!

You can reduce the risk of getting eaten alive by avoiding being outdoors at insect feeding time, which is usually around dusk, but you don’t want the bugs to dictate when you get to be outside. If you are planning to be outdoors, you’ll be less attractive to the bugs if you don’t wear perfume or scented deodorant. And then there’s always insect repellent, but those chemicals that the bugs think are bad are pretty bad for you, too. But don’t worry- just because you want to go the natural route doesn’t mean you have to cede all control those blood-sucking pests. There are natural insect repellents out there that do the job- and they even smell good! Find out how to get some on sale over here.

I’ve found some tips for keeping the bugs away, like planting basil or rosemary around your house. It seems mosquitoes don’t like them and will stay away. The bonus is that you get to use these herbs to make your food more delicious in the bargain. Mosquitoes hate garlic, too, so you can take a garlic supplement, or just eat garlicky food when you plan to be outside at mosquito feeding time. Garlic bread and pasta with basil garlic sauce, anyone?

And if you like poking around and concocting your own potions (who doesn’t?) try making your own insect repellent using all natural ingredients. Basically, you mix some alcohol or witch hazel with insect-repelling essential oils. I’ve seen lots of recipes and they all look pretty similar. Here are some that looked the easiest to me:

So, how about giving these recipes a shot? They sound easy enough, and unlike the chemical bug sprays, they probably smell nice, too.



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