12 Essential Winter Hair Hacks

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Ahh- winter and hair! We all know what that means- frizz, dryness, static, and hat hair! All the things we don’t want…but what can you do about it? We can’t control the weather, and there are some good things about winter, too. (Okay- I feel like I had so say that but I can’t think of any really.) So there are two ways to deal with winter hair: embrace the frizz and the hat hair, or find ways to get around all the winter hair problems. I know I’m choosing the second one!

1. Dryer sheet:

Poke the bristles of your brush through a dryer sheet and you won’t become electrified when you brush. This will also help with frizz.

2. Shampoo less often:

Shampooing can dry out your scalp, which can cause flaking and frizz. See how long you can go before you just have to shampoo. Try using a dry shampoo in between if you just can’t stand it.

3. Keep the heat down:

It’s really best to wash your hair with lukewarm water, but it that’s too cold for you, you can just end your shower with a blast of cooler water. This will help make your hair shiny and less frizzy.

4. Deep condition:

About once a week, treat your hair and scalp to an intense moisturizing conditioner. You’ll love the results!

5. Leave-in conditioner:

Double up on moisturizing. Condition after you shampoo, and then use a leave-in conditioner after you dry your hair. If you find leave-in conditioner too gooey or sticky, you may want to try different brands. Another thing to try is putting a little regular conditioner in a spray bottle, fill the bottle up with water, and then use it to mist your hair with conditioner before brushing or styling.

6. Change up your shampoo:

Your skin, scalp, and hair change with the seasons, so you might need to try a different shampoo than the one you loved this summer.

7. Eat well:

Your hair and scalp also need good nutrition to be healthy. Make sure your diet includes plenty of protein, vitamin D, and healthy fats.

8. Drink water:

This is a basic health rule that also benefits your hair. Keeping your body hydrated helps keep your hair and scalp from getting too dry.

9. Prevent hat hair:

Everyone hates hat hair- but hats are so cute, and my head gets cold! Stop your hat from ruining your style by parting your hair on the opposite side before putting on a hat. Then, when you take the hat off, just flip it over to your regular side and it should look great!

10. Scalp massage:

Massaging your scalp helps distribute oils and keep your blood circulating. For added moisture treatment, use a massaging oil.

11. Trim:

Getting regular trims is important for keeping your hair looking healthy. This gets rid of split ends that make your hair look dry and frizzy.

12. Use a humidifier:

Dry winter air, and dryness from indoor heating can contribute to dry hair and scalp. You can minimize this by running a humidifier at home.

How do you keep your hair looking great in the winter? Share with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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