10 Groceries You Can Make at Home

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We’re all about saving money- any time of the year- but it’s especially important around the holidays when there are extra expenses that come up. There are lots of ways to control spending, and one of our favorites is careful grocery shopping. Check out our post for some awesome money saving grocery shopping tips! In addition to smart shopping, you can save lots of money on groceries by DIY-ing it! Yes, there are many common grocery items that are pretty easy to make at home, and definitely a lot cheaper! Here are some ideas for you:

1. Nut butter:

Healthy nut butters (almond, cashew) are very expensive, and the best ones contain only one ingredient: the nut itself! Don’t pay a premium for someone else to grind it up- buy freshly roasted nuts of your choice (or roast them yourself) and whir them up in a food processor for a few minutes to get the consistency you like. Be patient because it takes time, but definitely worth it!

2. Pesto:

You can save money by making your own pesto, and even better- you get to be creative about it! Experiment with different herbs or combinations of herbs, seasonings, and add-ins.

3. Applesauce:

If you’ve never made your own applesauce, you’re in for a treat! Homemade is so much better than jarred and also much better for you. Here’s another opportunity to make it your own by adding spices, maple syrup, vanilla, or whatever you like!

4. Bread:

There’s nothing like freshly baked bread! Packaged bread usually has all kinds of additives to keep it fresh on the shelf longer, and who needs that? Keep it simple and make your own.

5. Granola:

Granola is an expensive breakfast option. And the store-bought versions are not always as healthy as you think! Many contain loads of sugar and other unnecessary ingredients, which you get to control when you make your own. Your wallet will be happy, too.

6. Hummus:

Hummus is a powerhouse of a snack, with protein and fiber, and it’s also so simple and cheap to whip up at home!

7. Croutons:

Croutons are great to have around for soups and salads, but do you really want to pay for something you can so easily make yourself? Plus, making croutons is a great way to use up bread that’s less than fresh- so you avoid wasting, too! Simply cube up the bread, toss with some garlic powder and toast in the oven until dried out.

8. Soup:

You can make a huge pot of vegetable or lentil soup for just a few dollars, and it’s easy, too! Make a large batch and freeze some for later.

9. Baby food:

Baby food is really just grown up food that’s been pureed, and you can make it yourself for no extra cost, and at better quality than what you buy, too!

10. Guacamole:

Okay, avocados aren’t always cheap, but they’re still usually cheaper than buying already prepared guac. And homemade tastes so much better! Try it and you’ll never go back to the packaged version!

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