How To Make Your Dreams Come True

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Everyone has dreams, but not everyone gets to make them come true. What if you became one of those people who make their dreams come true? Sounds pretty good to me, and it’s not at all impossible- you just have to know how to make it happen! Just keep in mind that while a dream-come-true sounds like a fantasy, you can’t just snap your finger and make it happen; it actually requires a bit of work, so you have to really want the dream and put in the effort. Is it a certain career you’d love to have, a vacation, a lifestyle, a car? Here’s how to get it:

1. Define your dream:

You might be thinking this is so obvious, why is it a step? It’s the first step here because even though you think you know your own dream, you need to be really specific before you start making it a reality. So take the time and name your dream, as well as why you want it, and why it makes you feel good, happy, or excited.

2. Believe you can do it:

In order to make something big happen, you have to believe in yourself. Give yourself a pep talk!

3. Take action:

Okay, this is where you’ll have to roll up your sleeves. Just dreaming doesn’t make anything happen, so do some research- learn what steps you need to take to reach your goal, and then map out a plan. Getting started will show you that it’s all actually going to happen, and empower you to keep on doing whatever you have to to!

4. Don’t let fear stop you:

Doing something new can be one of the scariest things in the world, but don’t let that get in the way! You’re going to be scared a lot along your journey, but working through the fear will make you so much stronger. Learn how to recognize fear and the many ways it may be disguised.

5. Make affirmations:

I’ll be the first to point out how sappy this sounds, but ignore me, because affirmations work! Create statements about why you want this, why you can do it, why you deserve it- really anything that’s helpful to you. Repeat them out loud every morning and every night. Keep reminding yourself that you’re in control.

6. No negative talk:

Not from yourself and not from anyone else. Shut down your own negative comments with your affirmations, and have answers ready for others who try to bring you down. You might even want to keep your plans to yourself for a while to avoid negativity from other people.

7. Find a community:

Connect with others who share your dream, or who may be on a similar path. You’ll get support, inspiration, and education.

8. Don’t be afraid of mistakes:

Mistakes happen, and chances are good that you’ll experience some bumps and disappointments along the way. Know and accept that it’s a normal part of the process, and make up your mind to learn and grow from any setbacks.

9. Be flexible:

Be strong in following your dream and your plan towards achieving it, but be prepared that as you go, your dream may change shape and you’ll have to make some adjustments. Also keep in mind that different things work at different times and that plans can change.

10. Take stock regularly:

Check in on your progress, what you still want to accomplish, what you still have to work on.

11. Visualize yourself living your dream:

You know what you’re working towards, so imagine yourself already there. That makes it more tempting, so you’ll be motivated to keep going. It also makes it more real, so you’ll believe it will actually happen for you.

12. No excuses, no feeling sorry for yourself:

Don’t get hung up on obstacles, and don’t compare your journey to someone else’s. Just keep your eye on the prize and stay positive. You’ll get there!

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