How To Make Big Decisions

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It’s hard to make big decisions. It’s sometimes hard to know the right answer, or how things will turn out as a result of our decisions. The best thing to do is stay level-headed and follow these suggestions:

  1. Get perspective. Pretend you’re advising a friend so you can be objective.
  2. Don’t get too much information. Do your research, but keep in mind that sometimes too much info can complicate things.
  3. Write it down. Make a list of pros and cons.
  4. Don’t overthink. I do this all the time, and I can tell you it is crippling!
  5. Talk to a friend you trust. You can ask for advice, but also because talking it out might help give you greater clarity.
  6. Meditate. This will help clear your head.
  7. Trust your gut. You’re more intuitive than you think.
  8. Think about long-term effects.
  9. Flip a coin. You’ll see what you’re really hoping for.
  10. No regrets. Once a decision is made, accept that it’s for the best and don’t question yourself.

Life is full of big decisions and these tips can help in a lot of situations. Have a good attitude and feel confident in your ability to make smart choices and it will become easier.

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