8 Ways to Use WD-40

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What do you do when you have a squeaky door or a drawer that’s stuck? You probably use WD-40, which means that you already have some at home. Why leave it to sit until the next time your door acts up again? Bet you didn’t know all the other ways to use it…

1. Waterproof boots and shoes:

Don’t sacrifice your footwear to the weather! Spray your shoes or boots with WD-40 before going out in wet weather.

2. Get gum out of hair:

If no one gets gum in their hair, do you really have kids? Next time, spray it with WD-40 and the gum slides off.

3. Remove super glue from fingers:

Spray and rub it off.

4. Clean scuff marks:

Spray those scuff marks on the floor and wipe off.

5. Remove adhesive residue:

Now you can easily remove leftover glue from stickers. Just spray, leave on for a minute, and wipe.

6. Weed killer:

Seems easy enough.

7. Repel spiders:

Spray WD-40 in common spider areas.

8. Prevent mirror fog:

Spray a bathroom mirror and wipe. It should stay fog-free for a month.

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