15 Tips for a Great Relationship

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We’re getting close to Valentine’s Day so naturally we’re thinking about relationships. It’s so great to love and be loved, so it’s worth investing some time and energy into making sure your relationship is the best it can be! It’s not hard, and with these tips you can take your relationship to the next level!

1. Communicate:

If there’s one tip that really is the secret to a great relationship, I’d say it’s communication. Neither you nor your partner are mind readers, so you both need to express yourselves.

2. Listen:

The other side of communicating is listening. Let your partner talk to you and really hear what’s being said.

3. Know yourself:

In order to be present in a relationship it’s important to know yourself. Know what you are capable of giving, and know where you need to push yourself. It’s also important to feel good about yourself so that you bring the best you into the relationship.

4. Speak calmly:

Take a deep breath and speak calmly.

5. Give compliments:

Everyone likes to hear something nice!

6. Express gratitude:

We all like to know we’re appreciated.

7. Spend time together:

This might seem obvious, but in the real life it’s surprising how much time we spend with our SOs unless we plan for it. Schedule time together each day, and plan a date night once a week.

8. Be supportive:

Also obvious, but something we might not do unless we think about it.

9. Focus on your partner’s good qualities:

You know those annoying habits your husband has? Think about the things you love about him instead!

10. Don’t let issues brew:

When problems come up, the best thing you can do is discuss them and work them out as soon as possible. Letting issues wait is a recipe for disaster and bad feeling.

11. Be accepting:

No one is perfect, and when you love someone you take the bad with the good.

12. Have realistic expectations:

Of your partner and of the relationship. Know that every day will not be perfect, but that doesn’t mean the relationship is doomed.

13. Have experiences together:

You and your partner are individuals, but part of what makes you a couple is having shared experiences. Do things together to build your unique history as a couple.

14. Allow room for growth and change:

No one stays the same forever, and neither does a healthy relationship. Adapt and grow together.

15. Be attentive:

Small gestures can be so meaningful. Make your partner a cup of coffee, or send a loving text during the day to show that  you care.

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