12 Ways to Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer

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Do you live in fear of your phone dying on you? What if you’re not near a charger? How will you possibly function without a charged cell phone? It’s a modern day nightmare! Here’s how to give your battery a longer life so you can calm down:

 1.Turn down the brightness:

Lowering the brightness of your screen is an easy battery saver.

 2. Turn off “vibrate”

Having your phone vibrate uses more battery, so turn it off and just listen for the ringtone.

 3. Use bluetooth only when needed:

It’s a drain on the battery, so turn it off when you’re not using it.

 4. Turn off wifi:

Same for wifi- turn it on only when you need to use it.

 5. Turn off background apps:

Those apps are running even when you’re not using them.

 6. Avoid bright sunlight:

Sunlight warms up the phone and drains your battery, so keep your phone in your bag or pocket when you’re outside in the sun.

 7. Avoid draining or overcharging:

Try not to let your battery get down to 0% or charged to 100%.

 8. Delete Facebook:

Do you really need Facebook on your phone? It’s a battery drain. If you just can’t delete the app, go to settings and set restrictions for video autoplay, location, and notifications.

 9. Auto-lock sooner:

Set your auto-lock to 30 seconds.

 10.Lower the volume:

The louder the volume, the more battery it uses.

11. Turn off screen alerts:

Your phone wakes up every time a notification flashes on the screen, and it stays lit for a few seconds.

12. Don’t use flash photography:

When you use flash your phone really lights up, using up a lot of battery life. Turn off flash unless you absolutely need it, and use editing apps instead.

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