12 Unexpected Ways To Use Deodorant

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I think we can all agree that deodorant is a necessity. Everyone has a favorite tried and true brand because B.O. is bad! So you’ll all be happy to know that once again, a common household product- deodorant- can be used in so many ways. Which is cool because, first of all, hacks are cool, and second, buying one product that can do a lot for you is a definite money saver. You’ll probably want to keep one deodorant to use for hygiene purposes only, but get an extra and try these cool ways to use deodorant:

  1. On your nose. Rub some antiperspirant stick on your nose on a hot day to keep your nose from sweating and your sunglasses from sliding off.
  2. Zit. Dab deodorant on a zit to dry it out.
  3. Remove permanent marker. Kids decorate the walls? Use aerosol spray to make it easy to clean.
  4. Stinky feet. Apply before bed to keep your feet fresh the next day.
  5. Closet freshener. Place an open stick in a closet to keep it smelling fresh.
  6. Squeaky door. Who  knew?!? Spray deodorant on the hinges of a squeaky a door.
  7. Sweaty hands. No one likes to shake a sweaty hand. Apply deodorant to your hands if you’re planning on a lot of hand shaking.
  8. Prevent blisters. I can’t wait to try this one! Prevent blisters on your feet by applying deodorant around the areas that get rubbed by your shoes.
  9. Prevent frizz. Prevent sweating and frizzing on a hot, humid day or during a workout by rubbing deodorant around your hairline.
  10. Prevent chafing. Preempt what’s also known as “chub-rub” by putting some deodorant on your thighs.
  11. Relieve insect bite itch.
  12. On your legs. Deodorant on your legs helps you slide into skinny jeans and prevents your pants from sticking to your skin.

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