11 Suprising Uses for Lip Balm

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Okay, how many tubes of lip balm do you own? If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a lot of them- in every bag, in every room, and in every pocket! They’re just so convenient, and I don’t buy the “fancy” ones, so it’s not like I’m overspending. And when you see all these other uses for lip balm, you know I’ll be getting my money’s worth!

  1. Remove mascara smudges: Put some lip balm on your finger or a Q-tip to get those smudges off your skin. The best part is that only the mascara comes off; the rest of your makeup stays where you put it!
  2. Remove sticker glue: Sticker glue that won’t come off… so annoying! No longer a problem; rub lip balm over it, let it sit for 10 minutes, then wipe it off easily.
  3. Tame eyebrows: With your finger, smooth some over your brows to keep them neat all day.
  4. Unstick a zipper: Get it unstuck fast by rubbing with lip balm.
  5. Cuticle softener: Makes sense, right? If it keeps your lips soft it should do the same for cuticles. Apply lip balm to a cuticle and it won’t snag everything.
  6. Soothe cuts: Rub over minor cuts and scratches.
  7. Heel chafing: You feel your new shoe rubbing over the same spot and you know you’re gonna get a blister! Prevent that from happening by rubbing lip balm on your skin to prevent friction.
  8. Protect skin from home hair dye: Apply around your hairline and you won’t get color on your face.
  9. Soothe an irritated nose: Use some lip balm on your nose when you have a cold to soothe it and calm the redness. You might want to get some on your finger for this, rather than applying straight from the tube.
  10. Eye shadow primer: Apply lip balm to eyelids before shadow to keep it in place.
  11. Shaving nicks: Dab some on a nick to quickly stop bleeding.

How cool is this? I love it when one little product can do so much for you! And just so you know- it’s probably best to use clear lip balm for these things.

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