10 Ways To Reuse Newspaper

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I somehow always have stacks of newspaper lying around my house and it amazes me. I get so much of my news online these days that those stacks should be a lot smaller, but I guess that deep down I do like my news the old fashioned way: from a newspaper. Not to mention all the circulars and other advertising materials that don’t seem stop appearing on my doorstep. Like a good citizen of the planet, of course I recycle these papers, but then I started thinking that it would be even better all around to find ways to repurpose those papers. Here are some of the fabulous ways to reuse newspaper:

  1. Clean windows. Strange but true: using newspaper to clean glass gives a great, streak-free shine.
  2. Gift wrap. Using newspapers to wrap gifts is green, free, and creative.
  3. Packing. Don’t spend money on bubble wrap; use newspapers to wrap delicate items for packing.
  4. Papier mâché. Papier mâché is a great medium for beautiful projects, and fun for kids and adults. Here are some basic instructions, and make sure to check out Pinterest for more specific projects.
  5. Protect surfaces. Lay out newspapers over table and floor as protection from messy kids projects.
  6. Fire kindling.
  7. Stuff shoes and boots. This helps them retain their shapes. Also absorbs moisture and odors.
  8. Line the garbage. Keep a layer in your garbage can under the garbage bag to absorb leaks and odors.
  9. Stuff bags. Stuff your handbags with newspaper before you put them away for storage so they’ll hold they shape.
  10. Ripen fruit. Wrap unripe fruit in newspaper to help it ripen faster.

I love these ideas because I love learning new ways to use things, and I get to use something I already have- which is a great money-saver! Try these yourself before you get rid of your old newspapers!

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