It sometimes seems like Valentine's Day is a feminine holiday; there are so many gift options for women. But getting the perfect gift for your guy is just so hard. Of course, a private jet or a yacht could easily be the solution, but let me go out on a limb here and assume that's not in your budget. So what do you get? A great masculine gift is tricky, but not impossible.
Click through for some gift ideas for the men in your life that also fit nicely into your budget.
1. Beer glass. Drinking out of the perfect glass enhances the beer drinking experience, so a cool beer glass is a gift he'll definitely appreciate.
2. Heart socks. What guy wouldn't appreciate a fun pair of socks? And these are fun and romantic. You can buy them here.
3. Toiletries bag. This is something that anyone can use and they come in all price points.
4. Bottle opener. A cool bottle opener makes a great gift! Make it extra special by personalizing a message. Shop here.
5. Cozy slippers. It's still winter, after all, and guys like to be pampered, too.
6. A masculine watch.
7. Scarf. So what if he already has a scarf? Get him one that's really nice and he'll love it because it's from you. If you're a knitter you can knit one up especially for him.
8. Subscription. Get him a subscription to a magazine that he loves and he'll think about how much he loves you every month.
9. Framed photo. Frame a really great photo of the two of you. You can even design a custom frame.
10. Chocolate. Who says you can't give a box of chocolate to a guy?

See- not such a problem. There are plenty of manly gifts out there! Choose one of these or use this list as a springboard for some more ideas.

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