10 More Brilliant Freezer Hacks

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Did you enjoy the first part of this post? Did you learn something new? Sit back and get comfortable because here are 10 more brilliant freezer hacks:

1. Keep the freezer full:

When the freezer is full it requires less energy since the cold food helps to keep the freezer and the frozen food cold.

2. Freeze banana chunks:

Peel bananas and cut into chunks, then store in ziploc bags and you’re always ready for a smoothie.

3. Freeze cookie dough:

Shape and freeze on cookie sheets and store in ziplock bags or containers. Then take out and bake as needed for freshly baked cookies whenever you want.

4. Freeze sliced bread:

Pack lunch sandwiches made with frozen bread to keep sandwiches fresh until lunchtime. Frozen bread slices are also really easy to pop into the toaster.

5. Freeze grated cheese:

Grated cheese thaws quickly and stays fresh longer.

6. Freeze yogurt:

Freeze yogurt in ice cube trays to use in smoothies.

7. Freeze potato chips:

Freeze open bags of potato chips to keep them fresh and to keep them from tempting you. When you really want them they’ll defrost quickly.

8. Freeze onions:

Stick an onion in the freezer for about 10 minutes before slicing or chopping for less crying.

9. Freeze leftovers in portions:

Divide leftovers in portions and freeze in separate containers or bags. This way you can use only what you need, and even when you need a lot, the smaller portions will defrost faster than one larger one.

10. Use magazine racks:

Use magazine racks turned on their sides to create extra shelves in the freezer.

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