10 Amazing Ways to Use Rice

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Rice makes a great side dish- it’s cheap, easy, and yummy. In a minute you’ll love rice even more, because I’m about to tell you some new and amazing ways to use it- besides eating it! Don’t you just love those household staples that can do so much for you?

1. Dry out a phone:

We’ve all dropped our phones in puddles, sinks, and toilets. Dry it out by filling a bowl or bag with rice, put in your phone, and leave it for a day or two.

 2. Clean a vase:

Fill a vase with warm water, a little dish soap, and a handful of rice. Shake it up and rinse for a sparkly, clean vase.

 3. Keep tools rust-free:

Keep some rice in  your tool box; it will absorb moisture and prevents the tools from rusting.

 4. Clean the coffee grinder:

Run some rice through your coffee or spice grinder to clean it out.

 5. Pie weights:

Line an unbaked pie crust with baking parchment and fill with rice. You can save the rice and reuse it.

 6. Stop salt from clumping:

Add a few grains of rice to your salt shaker to absorb moisture.

 7. Ripen fruit:

Fill a bowl with rice and stick unripe fruit in it.

 8. Make an ice pack:

Fill a sock with rice and keep it in the freezer for a flexible ice pack.

 9. Or a heating pad:

Microwave the rice filled sock for 30 seconds.

 10. Make a sachet:

Mix rice with an essential oil of your choice. Fill a small cloth bag and tie with a ribbon. This makes a great gift!

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