Tasty And Thrifty

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A friend and I were talking about how to get the most bang for our bucks. There are a lot of tips out there and some of them are really good, like DIY spa treatments and getting free passes to the gym. And then there are others that some people might really go for, like making new bar soap out of the leftover bits of old bar soap, but I think that’s taking it a little too far for me. I’m okay with spending a few pennies on some new soap. I stock up when it’s on sale and try to make up the money in other ways.


As usual, Ed was full of good ideas that night. “Always sit at the window in a restaurant,” he advised me. “You’ll get bigger portions.” Wow! In all my time of hunting for great deals and money saving ideas, I’d never come across that, or thought of it myself, but I had to admit, it was brilliant! The only problem, though, is that as a health conscious money-saver, I considered that a larger portion of a restaurant meal may not always be a good thing. But then I realized that there were even more money-saving possibilities there.


The last thing I’d want to do is spoil anyone’s good time, so by all means, enjoy your meal! But often, restaurant portions are bigger than what you would serve yourself at home and you feel like you’ve got to finish it all because, after all, you paid for it. You did pay for it and it should not go to waste at all. On the contrary- you can make the most of it. Share a meal with a friend or take the leftovers home to eat another day, and now you have two meals for the price of one! Along with the bonus of feeling virtuous. You saved money and you didn’t overeat. I’d say that deserves a reward…dessert, anyone?