Encourage Your Child’s Creativity

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One of the most valuable tools you can give your kids is creativity. True, some people just naturally have it, but it really is a skill that can be developed, and the more you practice, the stronger it gets. Creativity in kids is great for brain development, problem solving, self-expression, and so many other things in life.

Living in a digital world, there are fewer opportunities for kids to get in touch with their creative sides, and that’s where good parenting comes in. Here are some ways to encourage creativity in your kids.

  1. Don’t overschedule. So many kids have their days packed with organized activities, and those are important, too. But it’s also a good idea to leave kids some free time when they can come up with their own ideas on what to do.
  2. Give them toys that inspire. No electronics! Dress-up, dolls, trucks, and certain games encourage kids to use their imagination.
  3. Keep those toys within sight. Out of sight, out of mind. Let your kids have regular access to those toys. Keep toys in rotation so they stay exciting.
  4. Creative activities. Painting, crafting, and building are all activities that inspire imagination and creativity.
  5. Engage with them. Have interesting conversations, ask open-ended questions, play music, and explain things in a way that will get them thinking.
  6. Give them space. Don’t control or criticize their playing, be flexible, and encourage them to think outside the box.
  7. Limit screen time. Yes!!!
  8. Model creativity. Engage in creative activity yourself. Let them know that there’s more than one way to do something.
  9. Allow them to make decisions. Give your children choices- let them decide between the blue shirt or the red, or choose from options for healthy snacks.
  10. Cook together. Cooking is an excellent opportunity for creativity.

Creativity will help your kids in all stages of life, and it’s fun!
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