Top 5 Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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If your friend or family member is having a baby and you’re unsure of what to get for them, we listed 5 gift ideas below that both parents and their newborns will want. These gifts will surely be appreciated and make navigating parenthood a lot easier.


  1. OXO Tot Perfect Pull Wipes Dispenser (starting at $20.99): this baby wipe dispenser is a simple and great item to give that will make changing diapers a breeze. It’s an airtight container that only requires one hand to open and close it, keeps wipes moist, and has a weighted plate to ensure only one wipe is dispensed at a time.
  2. Hatch Rest Smart Sound Machine (starting at $59.99): this 2-in-1 night light and white noise sound machine is a convenient device that will help create the perfect sleep environment to make sleep more enjoyable for everyone. Parents can fully customize this device and choose from a multitude of soothing sounds and light colors and intensities. 
  3. Jellycat Soother Blanket (starting at $22.50): these security blankets are perfect for keeping babies comfy and cozy. They’re suitable from birth and come in a large array of plush animals and characters from cute bears, bunnies, fruits and vegetables, and many more.
  4. A monthly diaper subscription: diapers are a necessity for babies and they tend to be used up very quickly, so gifting these to new parents can be a lifesaver – it’ll save them trips to the store as well as save them some money. Here are some companies that offer diaper subscription services: The Honest Co. (diaper + wipes $80 for every 4 weeks), Hello Bello ($65 every 3-5 weeks), and Amazon and Target (various prices depending on the frequency and brand you choose).
  5. Philips Avent Fast Baby Bottle Warmer (starting at $49.99): this device evenly and gently warms up milk bottles and baby food jars in just 3 minutes. It’s a convenient gift that will make it easier on parents to heat up their baby’s food.


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