9 Tips For Soft and Glowing Winter Skin

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Ugh, you know it’s coming, don’t you? Winter is just about here, and that means dry, flaky, chapped, itchy skin. I’m determined to avoid that this year, so I’ve been doing some research and if I play my cards right I should actually be able to pull it off- and you can, too!  Cold, dry winter air can do a number on your skin, but it doesn’t have to. Here’s what you need to do for soft, glowing skin all winter:

1. Wash with lukewarm water:

Avoid the temptation to warm up with super hot water; that will strip your skin of necessary oils. Make showers brief and use lukewarm water to hold onto moisture.

2. Moisturize:

Moisturize your skin right after cleaning, while it’s still damp. This will help seal in moisture.

3. Exfoliate:

Exfoliate regularly to remove dead surface skin. Doing this will help moisturizer penetrate deeper and work better.

4. Don’t lick your lips:

When your lips are dry you might be tempted to lick them, but don’t! That might make them feel good for a minute, but will ultimately cause chapped lips. Instead, apply lip balm several times throughout the day and overnight.

5. Use a humidifier:

Keeping the air in your house moist will help keep it from drying out. It’s also helpful to keep a bowl of water next to the radiator in each room.

6. Protect your skin from the elements:

When you’re outdoors, make sure to cover up with gloves and a scarf, and always wear sunblock on exposed skin. The sun’s UV rays are harmful all year round.

7. Eat healthy fats:

Make sure your diet includes healthy fats like those in nuts, avocado, olive oil, and fatty fish.

8. Drink a lot of water:

There are differing opinions on how much your skin actually benefits from drinking a lot of water, but I say it certainly can’t hurt! It’s important to make sure you drink enough water in the winter when you might not feel as thirsty as you do in warmer weather.

9. Exercise: 

Sorry! But the fact that exercise appears on every list just goes to show how important it is. You know that healthy glow you want, even in the cold, dark winter? You’ll get that from exercising and the boost it gives your circulation. And it will do wonders for your mood, too, so make it a priority.

Not a long list, and everything on it is easy enough to do (okay, sorry again about the exercise). I can’t wait to give these tips a shot and reap the benefits! Good luck to all of you!

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