5 Easy Ways To Get More Movement in Your Everyday Life

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It may be difficult to establish a good workout routine – with busy schedules and no time on your hands, no way to get to the gym, or simply being too tired. Luckily, there are a number of small things you can try that will make a big difference and enable you to stay active in your everyday life.


Below, we listed 5 easy ways you can get more movement everyday:

Take the stairs

Instead of taking an elevator or escalator, take the stairs! Stair climbing can burn 5-11 calories per minute, which may not seem like much at first but it can add up over time. Plus it can also be a timesaver by helping you avoid long elevator lines during peak times.

Ditch your car

If you’re planning on running a quick nearby errand, if possible, try walking or biking there instead of taking your car. This is an easy way to get your daily steps in and it can also be a great mood booster.


A great way to incorporate more movement is multitasking while doing your daily activities. This can include getting up and doing quick stretches and light exercises during TV time – you can even limit these to your commercial breaks. Other great ways are to sneak in some simple leg exercises while working at your office desk, doing some toe taps or calf raises while waiting in line to checkout at the grocery store, or taking dance breaks while cooking dinner.

Use household objects

Don’t have any equipment but still want to get a quick workout in? Do some quick exercises that don’t require any equipment, such as lunges, squats, push ups, etc. You can also use your everyday objects to enhance these workouts such as heavy water bottles as weights, towels as sliders, or a chair as a bench for triceps dips.

Use a shopping basket

Instead of grabbing a shopping cart, use a basket or bag. Carrying your groceries will help you burn extra calories while also getting a subtle arm workout in. This can also help prevent you from buying lots of junk food since you’ll feel the weight of your items and be more conscious of your purchases.


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