15 Ways To Be A Good Friend

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There’s nothing like a good friend- someone to have a good time with, someone you can count on, someone who makes you feel good. Which means that if you can be that good friend to someone else, you play a very special role in someone else’s life- and that feels great. Of course you’ll want to be there for someone you care about, and to do the right thing in your friendship. You probably know instinctively what that means most of the time, but here’s a list to help you go the extra mile in being a great friend.

1. Be there:

The most important part of being a good friend is showing up. Make sure your friends know that you’re available when they need you, whether it’s to cry to, to laugh with, celebrate, or anything in between.

2. Be trustworthy:

A good friend keeps promises and secrets. Let your friends feel comfortable confiding in you, and make sure to keep your word.

3. Be honest:

Always tell the truth, even when it’s something your friend may not want to hear.

4. Be loyal:

Always have your friend’s back.

5. Listen and validate:

Make sure your friend feels heard. You don’t always have to agree, but be there to listen and validate your friend’s feelings.

6. Spend time together:

We’re all so busy all the time, but set aside time to spend with friends- it’s good for both of you. Maybe it’s coffee once a week, or a daily text, but regular connection is important.

7. Check in:

You may not actually get to spend a lot of time together, but make sure to check in often and say hi. If your friend is going through a difficult time, check on her and see how she’s doing.

8.Give compliments:

Make your friends feel good about themselves! Comment on their strengths and accomplishments.

9. Send funny texts:

Good friends make each other laugh. Send funny memes or videos so you can share a laugh.

10. Be supportive:

Celebrate the good times and be there for the bad.

11. Know how to read moods:

Don’t you love it when your friend knows exactly what you need? Pay attention to your friends’ moods- sad, happy, angry, serious- and give them what they need.

12. Respect boundaries:

Some things are off limits even for good friends, and sometimes even your best friend needs some space. Respecting boundaries is very important to a strong friendship.

13. Be comfortable:

Good friends are comfortable with each other, and that means even quiet times can be okay. Awkward silences don’t happen with good friends.

14. Know how to apologize:

Even good friends have disagreements and hurt feelings sometimes, but they know how to apologize and move on.

15. Do nice things:

Let your friends know they’re special. Nice gestures like small gifts, home baked cookies, or offers to do favors make anyone feel good.

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