13 Ways to Stay Warm This Winter

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We’re deep into winter now, and there’s no getting out of it for the next couple of months. I know there’s a lot about cold weather that’s good, like skiing, ice skating, and eating cozy soup, but that’s just not enough for me because I hate to be cold. Who can relate? If you also can’t stand the cold, keep reading… we can’t make spring come faster, but we can do a few things to help us stay warm.

1. Use a warm blanket:

Keep a cozy but attractive throw on your couch or chair. It’s a nice decorative element and you can snuggle in it while you read or watch TV.

2. Have a hot drink:

A hot drink will help warm you up. Coffee and hot chocolate are fine, but don’t overdo it on the caffeine and calories.

3. Eat carbs:

Yes, carbs. Make sure they’re the good kind, though- complex carbohydrates- so you’re not getting empty calories. Digesting complex carbs requires energy, which generates heat.

4. Eat healthy fats:

Eating healthy fat raises your metabolism, which raises your body temperature.

5. Eat spicy food:

Eating spicy food makes you feel hot.

6. Cook or bake:

Having the oven or stove on will warm up your house.

7. Wear a hat:

Body heat escapes through our heads, so wearing a hat will keep your warm.

8. Wear layers:

Dressing in layers keeps you warmer than a single warm layer.

9. Wear a scarf:

Choose a nice one for fashion and function.

10. Take a hot bath:

Actually, you don’t want the water to be too hot, but a warm soak is warming to your body.

11. Move:

Do a workout or have a dance party! You’ll warm up quickly while you’re working it, and your body will stay warm for a while after you’re done. And bonus: you burn some calories and tone some muscles!

12. Open the curtains:

Keep the curtains or shades open during the day to let in the solar heat.

13. Use a space heater:

When it’s freezing and you just can’t warm up inside, there’s nothing like a space heater to do the trick! Make sure you follow safety instructions!

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