12 Reasons You Need Flowers in Your Home

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Do you want to know a secret for happiness, calmness, creativity, energy, and so much more? Ready? It’s fresh flowers! So simple, easy, and accessible at any budget- and it can do all that for you! I know myself, and I know that flowers can cheer me up when I’m in a bad mood, but if I’m really feeling happy, I’ll want to celebrate with flowers, too! Keep reading to learn about why you need to be around flowers:

1. Flowers increase happiness:

It’s a fact that flowers make you happy! They’re pretty, colorful, and they smell good- why wouldn’t they?

2. Flowers decrease stress:

Keep a bouquet of fresh flowers to help you unwind at bedtime.

3. Flowers decrease depression:

I can tell you personally how true this is for me! Having flowers around will cheer me up every time!

4. Flowers promote positive feelings:

Maybe it’s the idea that there is so much beauty in nature?

5. Flowers give you energy:

Especially bold colors.

6. Flowers can help control pain:

In studies, patients who had flowers in their rooms needed less pain medication.

7. Flowers help with concentration:

Employees in offices with flowers had better concentration and focus.

8. Flowers boost creativity:

I don’t know why this is so, but it sounds good. I know looking at the colors and textures in a beautiful bunch of flowers inspires my creativity.

9. Flowers are an easy way to update room decor:

And it can be done for just a few dollars, too! You know we love these cool budget decor tips! Enhance your room’s colors, or get flowers in contrasting colors for a bold effect. Flowers also make the perfect dinner table centerpiece.

10. Plants clean the air:

Plants give off oxygen, which clears the air and boosts brain function.

11. Flowers scent the air:

Aromatherapy and beauty in one package!

12. Flowers can refresh memories:

Having flowers around can make us think of happy occasions, like weddings, parties, and summer. Smell is a big trigger for memories, too.

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