12 Cool Ways To Use Candles

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Of course you know how to use candles! They’re great for setting mood and ambience, and you need to keep a stash in your emergency kit in case the power goes out. And they’re decorative, too. Let’s not forget birthday cake… But today I’m going to tell you about some different ways to use candles- ways you may not have known about. And since everyone has candles in the house anyway, might as well put them to good use.

1. Onion tears:

Almost every savory food tastes better with onions, but what about those tears? Light a candle near your cutting board to absorb the fumes, and stop tearing up while you cook!

2. Unstick a zipper:

Rub a candle along a sticky zipper and the wax will loosen it up.

3. Pin cushion:

Use a candle as a pin cushion and the needles will go in and out of fabric a lot easier, too.

4. Snow shovel:

Rub some wax on your snow shovel and the snow won’t stick to it.

5. Squeaky door:

Is there anything more annoying? Remove the door and rub the candle over the hinges.

6. Fix chipped furniture:

Rub wax over the chip to fill it in, and then color over it with a matching permanent marker.

7. Unstick drawers:

Rub a candle on the tracks and the drawer will glide smoothly.

8. Make shoes waterproof:

Did you know you could do this? Rub your candle over shoes to add a protective waxy coat.

9. Waterproof mailing labels:

Rub wax over mailing labels to make them smudge-proof!

10. Seal cracks in windows:

Keep the cold and bugs out.

11. Screws:

Rub a candle over the treads of a screw and it will go in easily.

12. Prevent mold and mildew:

Rub wax over shower grout to prevent nasty build-up.

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