10 Quick Ways To Get Happy Right Now

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There are days when you’re feeling it and days when you’re not.  Today I’m tired, certain people are getting on my nerves, I’m super busy and feel like I’ll never catch up- all that is putting me in a bad mood and I don’t like feeling like this. I like to be happy, and I’m going to do something about it right away- because I can! If you’re having a bad day, or a bad five minutes, you don’t have to stand for it, either. We all have our moments, but if you want a happiness pick-me-up, it’s available to you any time you want! Here are some easy things you can do to make you feel happy in a hurry:

1. Smile:

Yes, I know you smile when you’re happy, so if you’re not feeling so cheery, why would you smile? Because the act of smiling actually stimulates your brain to feel happiness. If you’re feeling so down that you can’t pull it off, try for at least a half smile- it still works!

2. Breathe:

Yup, it’s as simple as that! Take a few seconds to breathe in deeply through your nose and out through your mouth, and you’ll be feeling happier really soon!

3. Be thankful:

Think of three things that you’re thankful for, and if you can, write it down. This will bring you some perspective and remind you that it’s not all gloom and doom. Do this every day and your bad moods will happen less frequently.

4. Essential oils:

Open a vial of essential oils and breathe in the soothing scent. It will lift your bad mood withing a few minutes.

5. Move around:

Do 10 jumping jacks or run around the block. Do something to get your blood moving and raise your heart rate a little in order to bring on those happy hormones!

6. Sit or stand up straight:

Stand up tall or straighten yourself out in your chair. This posture makes your feel positive and confident, and it will also make you feel better physically than slouching.

7. Notice the small things:

Look around and see all the good stuff around you. Kind of like stopping to smell the roses. Get out of your head and notice the nice things around you.

8. Check on yourself:

Bad moods come on for all kinds of reasons- maybe you’re hungry, tired, or thirsty, or maybe your belt is too tight. Check in with yourself and see if your mood is caused by some physical discomfort that you can easily alleviate.

9. Call a friend:

Human connection has a strong effect on happiness. Not to mention that some good conversation with a loved one will do a good job of distracting you from your moodiness.

10. Listen to music:

Music is a known mood booster.

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