10 More Genius Kitchen Tips

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Did you get a chance to read the first part of this post? If you loved those awesome kitchen tips, you’ll be happy to know that there’s more where that came from! Here are 10 more genius tips for making your time in the kitchen easier and well, just better!

1. Keep containers fresh:

You know how since that time you put some leftover pasta in a storage container that container smells like pasta sauce? No o matter how many times you clean it? Get rid of odors in your containers by storing them with a piece of newspaper stuffed inside. Just wash it before the next time you put food in it so you don’t eat newsprint.

2. Easy raw egg cleanup:

It happens and it’s not pretty- dropping a raw egg on your kitchen floor or counter. Make that cleanup easy by pouring salt over it to absorb the messy egg.

3. Make water boil faster:

Make water, or really anything, boil faster by covering the pot with the lid so you can trap the heat inside the pot.

4. Easy garlic peeling:

I’ll admit there have been times when the thought of peeling fresh garlic had me reaching for the garlic powder or just skipping the garlic altogether. Which is a pity because there’s nothing like some fresh garlic to punch up a recipe. Easily peel garlic by placing the cloves you need in a bowl. Cover the bowl and shake for a minute- this will separate the skin from the garlic and you’re good to go!

5. Keep your vegetables fresh:

Keep your veggies fresh for longer in your fridge by lining the bottom of the crisper drawer with paper towels.

6. Keep brown sugar soft:

Store it in the freezer.

7. Soften tough cuts of meat:

A good way to save money on food is to buy cheaper cuts of meat, but those can be a little tough. Soften them by marinating in vinegar, citrus, or beer. You’ll add more flavor this way, too, and still stick to a budget.

8. Clean stainless steel:

Keep stainless steel shiny and stainless with a little rubbing alcohol.

9. Polish copper pots:

It turns out the best way to keep your copper pots shiny is with ketchup! Rub it on and rinse off.

10. Open stuck jars:

Wrap a rubber band around the lid and open it easily.

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