10 Genius Kitchen Tips

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Life has it’s difficult moments, so it’s nice when you can get a break and make things a little easier on yourself- isn’t it? Especially when you’re working in the kitchen! Even if the kitchen is your happy place, you’ll love these little hacks that make the job easier, so check this out!

1. Easily slice meat:

Slicing raw meat for a stir-fry can get tricky, but if you freeze the meat for about 15 minutes you’ll be able to get neat, thin slices.

2. Sticky ingredients:

It’s frustrating to get something like honey out of the measuring cup, but try spraying it with cooking spray first and watch it slide out! If oil is also an ingredient in what you’re making you can measure that first so it will coat the cup before pouring in the sticky ingredients.

3. Use a pizza cutter:

Slice through things with a pizza cutter is easier and faster than using a knife. Try it for chopping lettuce and herbs, or slicing sandwiches and waffles.

4. Freeze some fruit:

Besides frozen fruit making a refreshing and healthy snack, it’s also great for chilling your drinks without watering them down with ice cubes! Try freezing grapes and chunks of other fruit and melon.

5. Freeze bananas without peel:

I learned this one the hard way! Peel bananas and cut into slices before freezing and their all ready to toss into smoothies or turn into nice cream.

6. Keep your cutting board from slipping:

A slipping cutting board is annoying and it can even be dangerous. Keep it in place by putting a wet paper towel under it.

7. Use an immersion blender:

An immersion blender is one of the best time savers for your kitchen! Puree soups right in the pot and you don’t have to wash all the pieces of a regular blender, either!

8. Have clean produce ready when you need it:

Dedicate some time to washing and trimming your produce when you bring it home from the store and it’s ready when you need it. Wrap it it paper towels to keep it fresh.

9. Slice with dental floss:

Sounds wacky but it’s brilliant! Use unflavored dental floss to easily cut through soft cheese and cake.

10. Easily peel hard boiled eggs:

Add about a tablespoon of baking soda to the water when boiling eggs and they’ll peel really easily.

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