10 Cool Clothing Hacks

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Are you a fashion lover? One of the things that’s fun about clothing is that you can put together different outfits and flex your creative muscle. Another thing is that you can dress in different looks according to your mood and the occasion. With the right clothes, life is never dull! But taking care of the clothes you love might sometimes be a challenge- what do you do about stains and wrinkles? Here are some smart clothing hacks that will keep your fashion game on track.


Taking out the old iron and ironing board is a real chore, and there’s always the risk of burning- yourself or the clothes! So go easier on yourself and hang the creased item in the bathroom when you take a shower. The steam will smooth out the wrinkles with no effort on your part!

2. Ink stains:

How many times have you accidentally written on  your favorite shirt or sweater? Apply some hand sanitizer from the wrong side, rub in some dish soap, and wash in the laundry.

3. Jeans:

You want some fading on your jeans, but how do you keep the perfect color through multiple washes? Skip the laundry detergent and wash jeans in baby shampoo to keep them from fading.

4. Sweat stains:

Mix equal parts lemon juice and water and apply to the stain before washing.

5. Button gaps:

There’s nothing like a button gap to ruin a look! Put an end to them by sticking double sided tape between the buttons.

6. Clean jewelry:

Get your jewelry sparkling again with a short soak in some vodka! Soak for about five minutes and rinse.

7. Smelly shoes:

Put tea bags- used or unused- in your shoes overnight to neutralize the odors.

8. New shoes:

Skip the blisters and the pain and stretch out new shoes! Put them on over thick socks and then apply the heat of a hair dryer for a few minutes.

9. Red wine stains:

Use equal parts Dawn dish liquid and hydrogen peroxide and cover the stain. Let it sit for a while- up to overnight- and then wash in the machine.

10: Falling hem:

Your hem is falling down and there’s no time to fix it- what do you do? Double sided tape to the rescue!

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