Work Smart, Not Hard: Why You Should Utilize To-Do Lists

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Almost daily, we’re searching for the 25th hour in our day to accomplish tasks and chores. We download different productivity applications in an attempt to manage our everyday lives which only complicate our workflow or we listen to internet moguls and motivational speakers in an attempt to become inspired. These methods for efficiency may work for others, but they’re not outlined for all. Not everyone needs to work hard to attain their goals. One of the best workplace utilities to use won’t cost you any money and doesn’t need a team of engineers to build. It’s a simple To-Do list. This guide will give simple reasons how To-Do lists benefit your work day, bullet their importance, and how they’ll change your life for the better.

Gain Focus – When you create a list, you pin down the errands that must be accomplished. Without lists, we tend to get distracted from the current task at hand. We prepare the coffee, clean the desk, sharpen the pencils, adjust the chair- but when you definitively place an action onto paper, you mentally submerge yourself into your work.

Reduces Anxiety – Once you get a clear understanding as to what you have to do, you begin to unburden time constraints. Instead of “guesstimating” how long you have until your work is done, you visually are able to grasp how many assignments you have until your goal is met. When you visualize your goal, you visualize your success.

Prioritization – Certain jobs take more time than others. Listing out your current chores allows you to evaluate how long each task takes. First, list the jobs that will be accomplished the quickest. Place the more time consuming items further down the list. With each job completed positively adds to your self-esteem. You’re also allowing yourself the most amount of time to complete these more trying jobs.

Discipline – In our lives, I’m sure we all have come to realize that when we don’t want to do something we typically put it off until the last minute. When you create a list, you instill a protection in pride in your work. If you don’t complete a task at the end of the day, you feel a bit disappointed in yourself. By lumping these tasks inside of our lists, we make it a point to complete these burdensome tasks.

Accomplishment – After remaining focused on the tasks, feeling relaxed while getting our work done, evaluating our work load rationally, and proving diligent in our duties, we’re able to give a large sigh of relief at the end of the day. If you’re able to reflect on the day with self-accomplished pride, then you’ve lead a successful day.

It’s hard to form a new habit, but it’s harder to play catch up on work you didn’t finish the previous day. Start by making small lists in the morning of general tasks you automatically finish throughout the day. Get used to mapping your day out so as to being planning for efficiency. If these tips helped you accomplish your daily goals, share this with your friends!


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