#WildcardWednesday: How Frugal Are You?

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Welcome to our brand-new Wednesday event, #WildcardWednesday! Every Wednesday we’ll pose a question, and whoever leaves us the best comment on Facebook and Pinterest will win a freebie of their choice! Above you see the samples up for grabs this week, so get pumped and buckle in for our question!

Since we’re all about savings, we wanted to know some of the absolute craziest things people do to save money. Check out this Bankrate article that details the (admirably?) insane ways people save around the country. Our favorites? Dumpster diving in cemeteries for craft supplies (more power to ya, girl!) and grabbing stray golf balls during a tour to save money on kids’ sports costs!

So, to celebrate saving, what’s the most mind-boggling, far-fetched thing you’ve done in the name of frugality?

Comment on Facebook or Pinterest for your chance to win your choice of these samples! We will be announcing the winner(s) tomorrow morning at 9:30 AM EST, so keep an eye on this post!

CONGRATULATIONS to Glenda, who won our #WildcardWednesday Giveaway with her frugal Facebook comment! Here’s the winning comment in full: “I make my own sugar scrubs and canned pet foods. I trained my cats to use a toilet so I wouldn’t have to buy litter. I grow my own herbs for cooking.” Wow!! Doesn’t that get you fired up to save money?


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