What’s Your Favorite Puzzle or Game?

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Welcome to #WildcardWednesday! Every Wednesday we’ll pose a question, and whoever leaves us the best comment on Facebook and Pinterest will win a freebie of their choice! Above you see the samples up for grabs this week, so get pumped and buckle in for our question!

Did you know it’s Celebration of Mind Day? Celebration of Mind Day remembers the work of American writer Martin Gardner, who specialized in bringing recreational math and science to the masses especially through his Mathematical Games column in Scientific American. So in honor of Gardner’s legacy, every year on his birthday (October 21), events across the world are hosted to use games and puzzles to help people learn and have fun with math and science! After all, education is more engaging when it’s a game!

In honor of Celebration of Mind Day, our #WildcardWednesday question is: what’s your favorite type of puzzle or game, and why? 

Comment on Facebook or Pinterest with your favorite puzzle for a chance to win your choice of the above samples!

Congratulations to our two winners, Maya R. from Pinterest and Kristine H. from Facebook! Read the winning comments in full below:

Maya R.: “Grid detective puzzles” – we think Martin Gardner would love this one!

Kristine H.: “I love puzzles that are complicated yet rewarding. The best kinds are the ones with a beautiful picture” – we couldn’t agree more! :)


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