What’s the Best Gift You’ve Ever Received?

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Welcome to our new Wednesday event, #WildcardWednesday! Every Wednesday we’ll pose a question, and whoever leaves us the best comment on Facebook and Pinterest will win a freebie of their choice! Above you see the samples up for grabs this week, so get pumped and buckle in for our question!

Last Thursday for our #ThrowbackThursday post we wrote about saving money on gifts, since it’s time (yes! right now!) to start shopping around for your holiday gifts so you can beat the rush and get the best deals on a gift that really means something to your loved one. With that theme in mind, we want to know, what’s the best gift or freebie you’ve ever received? 

It could be a free sample you got in the mail (if it was really awesome!) or a holiday gift, or even a birthday gift! The only rule is that it has to be the absolute best thing you’ve ever gotten from someone, whether it be thoughtful, practical, or downright hilarious!

Comment on Facebook or Pinterest with your favorite gift ever (and why it was your favorite) for your chance to win your choice of these samples!

UPDATE: Here are the winning Pinterest and Facebook comments in full:

Chery W.: “Best gift ever- my kids made coupons for me to redeem throughout the year! Some coupons were for free 15 minute foot massage, a manicure done by a kid, and many more for things I don’t enjoy doing myself!”

April W.: “Best gift for me was my ankh necklace that holds my moms ashes from my boyfriend for mothers day.”

How sweet! Congratulations to our winners, Chery W. from Pinterest and April W. from Facebook! They will be receiving their free samples within a few weeks (: Tune in next week for your chance to win a sample of your choice!


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