Walnuts for Weight Loss!

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If there’s one thing I bet most of us wish for, it’s a magic spell that makes you lose weight without any dieting or exercise! Well, the chances of that happening are pretty much impossible, so it looks like we do need to put in some effort when those extra pounds start creeping up on us. I know that’s not great news, but cheer up, because it looks like the humble walnut, while not a magic potion, can help you lose some weight! Yes, you read that right- studies have been done that show that eating about a handful of walnuts each day can actually help with weight loss! Here’s how it works:

Reduces appetite:

Interestingly, people in a study that ate smoothies made with walnuts had fewer food cravings, even when they were shown images of foods that normally tempt them.

Full of omega-3 fats:

Eating foods with omega-3 fat keeps inflammation down. Inflammation in the body is a major factor in causing obesity.

Good source of unsaturated fat:

This component of walnuts helps to reduce abdominal fat.

And polyunsaturated fat:

This healthy fat activates genes that reduce fat storage in your cells.

Improves metabolism:

The healthy fats and other healthy minerals and nutrients in walnuts improve your metabolism, which means you burn calories at a faster rate.

Makes you feel satisfied:

The combo of healthy fat, fiber, and protein in walnuts makes you feel satisfied, which means you’ll eat less and won’t need to snack too much between meals.

Roast walnuts to enhance the flavor, and eat them plain, or chopped and sprinkled on salads, yogurt, or oatmeal for a tasty add-on that’s also good for you!

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