The 10 Best Products Every Dog Owner Needs

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Your dogs will always be there to comfort you through all of life’s ups and downs, so surely you’ll want the best products to make your dogs happy.

Here are our top 10 product recommendations:

  1. ChomChom Roller Pet Hair Remover (starting at $24.95): if your dog sheds a lot, this roller is a must-have product. It works quickly and effectively at removing pet hair from your carpets, couches, beds, blankets, and more. And it also doesn’t require any refillable sticky tapes or battery/power sources.
  2. Lesotc Pet Water Bottle for Dogs (starting at $15.97): this convenient water bottle is great for keeping your pets hydrated while on-the-go. The simple design allows you to refill your portable water bottle and squeeze water into the attached cup, making it much easier for your dogs to drink water outdoors. 
  3. Furbo Dog Camera (starting at $169): this device will give you peace of mind and allows you to check in on your pets and feed them treats all from a phone app while you’re away from home. This multifunctional camera lets you live video stream, take photos and videos, hear and speak to your dogs, and toss them treats.
  4. iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher for Dogs (starting at $115): if you’re busy or your arm is too tired from playing fetch, this device will keep your dogs entertained for hours. It automatically launches tennis balls to 10, 20, or 30 ft. and allows your dogs to “fetch” and drop the balls back into the device to repeat the fun.
  5. FURminator deShedding Tool for Dogs (starting at $29.95): this brush is great at reducing loose pet hair from shedding and allows you to brush and deshed your dogs’ undercoats. FURminator also offers a multitude of other similar grooming tools for varying short or long hair lengths and dog sizes.
  6. KONG Classic Dog Toy (starting at $7.99): this classic dog toy is a staple for good reason. If your dog loves to chew and destroy their toys, this toy is perfect for them because it is made out of ultra-durable rubber and is nearly indestructible. You can also fill it with your pet’s favorite treats or peanut butter for extra fun.
  7. Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner, Medium (starting at $9.39): to avoid your pets from tracking dirt all over your home, this device allows you to quickly and easily clean your pet’s dirty paws after every walk. Just fill the tumbler with water, insert your dog’s paw, give it a few twists, and you’re good to go.
  8. Outward Hound Fun Feeder Interactive Dog Bowl (starting at $8.30): this slow feeder dog bowl improves digestion and helps to prevent canine obesity and bloating. There are multiple colors and patterns you can choose from with ridges and mazes to steady your dog’s eating pace while also making it fun for them.
  9. Paw Soother by Natural Dog Company 1 oz. tin (starting at $13.95): this dog paw balm nourishes and heals dry, cracked, or irritated paws. It’s vegan and made from all-natural, antibacterial, and antifungal properties with great key ingredients such as: mango butter, rice bran oil, sunflower oil, carnauba wax, and vitamin E.
  10. IRIS Airtight Pet Food Storage Container 33-qt (starting at $24.99): this airtight container helps your pet food stay fresh by keeping out potential pests and preventing food from going stale or becoming moldy from moisture. It’s also made out of BPA-free plastic, so there are no chemicals to seep into your pet food. 


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