Tall, Dark, and Piping Hot: 6 Reasons To Try Coffee If You Haven’t Already.

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Coffee drinkers are an interesting bunch. The culture surrounding the beverage has grown into more of a lifestyle than a preference of drink. It has almost gotten to the point in which the way you take your coffee can describe your personality. Bold and Strong, Light and Sweet- it’s almost a reflection of your own self. Whether you crave your jolt first thing in the morning or you prefer to enjoy a cup of decaffeinated joe before bed, we all know one fact; we would almost be lost without of caffeinated fix. For those who haven’t been introduced to liquid lighting, here are 6 reasons why Coffee is the premiere beverage of the elite.

Taste: There is nothing better than the first sip of a steamed latte at the break of dawn. Java Beans have been grind down and brewed since the 15th Century. Yet, the brewing process has remained the same; boiling and brewing roasted beans. The bold taste of a dark roast may draw in the pallet of the bitter, while adding sugar, milk, and even sometimes cocoa may attract those who enjoy sweet, swirling drinks. No matter how you take it, the unique base flavor of Coffee is one that has always stood the test of time.

History: All throughout World History, it’s hard to page through the past without seeing coffee being an influence in culture in one way or another. From the French Cafes that populated classic literature, Beatniks of the 1960’s incorporating the Coffee culture into their performance spaces, even South American coffee being a well sought out luxury in modern society, it’s universally and historically one of the best drinks to enjoy.

Availability: Due to the popular demand of coffee, it’s hard to travel anywhere and not be able to have Coffee available to you at all times. Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, WaWa, 7-11, all of these locations have made aa lucrative enterprise around Coffee. In urban areas like New York, Philadelphia, Seattle, Cafes can typically be found in spitting distance from wherever you’re standing. In more suburban and rural locations, coffee grounds are always in stock at your local supermarket. Brands like Folgers even have exclusive clubs for their members to sometimes sample their coffee! At this time in our earthly existence, it has become unimaginable to be in an area without a decent cup of coffee. If such places exist, most individuals would probably pass on visiting.

Calm Before The Storm: Coffee has almost become a choice drink of the morning. Due to it’s caffeinated properties, many drinkers elect to start off their day with a cup of coffee. Picture this: You wake up to a beautiful dawn portrait outside your window. Pacing along your back porch, spring morning air cycles through your lungs like water through a mill. From the rear you hear the final peaking of your Signature Italian Dark Roast, indicating your brew has been prepared. With a tender gust of air cooling your java, you take your rest upon the singing birds and dewy flowers, absorbing this peaceful paradise before your children attempt to suck every bit of patience you’ll muster throughout the day. But as you take your first sip of coffee, in this moment, you have found nirvana within your mug. Now doesn’t that sound nice?

Social: From Hollywood to your hometown, coffee has been a staple in the lives of our community whether we’ve noticed it or not. Social interactions involving coffee have stuck with us without any reasoning. “We should get coffee and catch up!” “Let’s discuss this over coffee tomorrow” “You want to grab a coffee?” at one point in our lives, we’ve heard one of those phrases. Coffee has transcended from an enjoyable beverage to a solidified social movement. When was the last time you heard somebody ask “You want to head over to the Soda Fountain for some Pop”? You haven’t. You haven’t heard that since 1948. It’s perfectly ok; we can discuss the fond memories you have of your early days at the Soda Fountain over coffee sometime.

Ease Of Preparation: Throughout the years, the evolution of coffee preparation has become simpler and simpler. When at one time you had to buy whole coffee beans, grind them down, and then brew your drink, you can now brew close to hundreds of cups within the same time with tools like the Keurig. There are even gadgets that allow you to brew espresso, a practice that was close to a craft, within a travel container granting you the ability to brew on-the-go! Simple mixtures like cream and sugar can take the bold taste of a robust and have it transform to something completely different, completely delicious too.

Coffee is as old as time. Chances are that if you haven’t made the decision to drink coffee before, you’re probably not going to now. But if this article persuaded you to pour yourself a cup of joe, let us know on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest!


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