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Cleaning is a necessary part of life; necessary evil or not depends on how you personally feel about cleaning. I like my things to be clean and neat, doing the actual cleaning- not so much- but there’s not all that much I can do about that. And then there’s Spring Cleaning, which is like regular cleaning amped up by a lot! The thought of it is overwhelming, and actually doing it is a pretty big undertaking, but you’ve got to admit it’s really nice when it’s done. And even nicer when spring cleaning can save or even make you some money!

1. Sell what you don’t need or want:

Spring cleaning forces you to take a good, hard look at what you have, and that means being really honest with yourself about what you’re no longer using. If it’s worn out or used up, ditch it. But if you have some things in good condition that you don’t need anymore, sell them and make a few bucks. Hold a yard sale or post it on a resale site.

2. Make a donation:

Another option for items you’re ready to let go of is to donate them to a charity. You’ll feel good about helping others, and you can also get a tax deduction if you make sure to get the proper paperwork.

3. Make your own cleaning supplies:

It turns out that vinegar is the ultimate cleaner. You can use it to shine glass and freshen lots of areas around the house, either by itself or combined with other common household ingredients like baking soda. Check Google or Pinterest for info on DIY cleaning supplies and save some money.

4. Look for seasonal sales:

If you do buy your cleaning supplies, now is a good time to find them on sale. It’s also a good time for good deals on cleaning appliances like vacuum cleaners.

5. Clean refrigerator coils:

Get behind your refrigerator and clean out the lint and dust that collects there. The fridge will run more efficiently, saving you money on your electric bill, and you’ll also help give it a longer life.

6. Clean or change air conditioner filters:

The same applies to your AC.

7. Organize the pantry:

I can’t tell you how many cans of tomato sauce there are in my pantry- there are too many to count! That’s because I buy a can or two each time I go shopping, without checking to see what I already have. Keep the pantry neat and develop an inventory system to reduce waste and overbuying.

8. Take inventory of drawers and closets:

Do the same with your clothes before you start shopping for a new season.

9. Shampoo the carpets:

Invest in a service or rent a special carpet cleaner and do a deep clean. This will extend the wear on your carpet and you’ll love how fresh and clean it will be!

10. Vacuum upholstery:

Really get in between the cushions and cash in on all that loose change!

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