Low Energy Ways To Stay Cool

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It’s finally summer and it’s hot! And just like we love to complain about the freezing temperatures in winter, in the summer it’s sort of like a thing to gripe about the heat. And don’t get started talking about how air conditioning jacks up your electric bill! What can you do about that, though, when all you can think about is getting some relief from the heat? Well, you can’t do much about the weather, but there are some things you can do to stay cool in the summer without working up a crazy electric bill. Here are 10 ways to keep it cool and low energy:

  1. Avoid turning on the oven. Cooking in the oven will really heat up the house, but no biggie- just another excuse to grill! Microwave, slow cooker, and toaster oven are other ways to cook without generating heat.
  2. Close blinds and shades. Keeping sunlight out will help keep it cool.
  3. Fake a sea breeze. I love this trick! When you place a bowl of ice or an ice pack in front of a fan it blows a cool mist that’s really refreshing.
  4. Cotton bedding. Put away the heavy blankets and make sure your bedding is cotton. This natural fiber is very comfortable and cooling when it’s hot.
  5. Apply cold to your pulse points. Run cold water or place a cold compress on your wrist or neck to help cool off your body.
  6. Hydrate. Make sure to drink a lot of water on hot days. This is important for your health as well as your comfort! Drinking ice cold water will cool you off.
  7. Dress for the weather. Wear loose-fitting clothes made of natural fibers.
  8. Take a cool shower. Not cold, since that will send your body signals to warm itself up.
  9. Proper fan positioning. Position a fan across from an open window for best air circulation.
  10. Avoid using the dryer. Hang your laundry out to dry. The dryer gives off heat, and air-drying saves even more money!

Try these tips to cut down on using your air conditioner and save some money this summer. If all else fails, remind yourself how cold you were a few months ago!

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