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I’m sure you don’t need my reminder, but I’ll help you out, anyway: it’s time to start holiday shopping! I knew I got you either really excited, or you are now groaning and scowling, in which case I’m sorry. But one way to get through the chore of holiday shopping and avoid overspending is to start early and have a plan, so I really am here to help. Read this to learn how you can jumpstart your holiday shopping:

  1. Make a list: Having a list is the key to being organized. Make a list of who you need to shop for and you won’t forget anyone. Keep track of who’s taken care of and you’ll feel accomplished every time you cross a name off the list. And list-making is not just for gift shopping- write down what you need to buy for holiday parties and home decorating, too.
  2. Make room in your budget: I admit I planned to write this a few weeks ago (awkward!) and so I was going to say that when you start early enough you can make room in your budget for seasonal expenses. When you plan your shopping you can save money or space out spending so you don’t get in over your head. It’s still not too late!
  3. Watch for sales and special deals: You won’t feel desperate and spend too much like you might at the last minute.
  4. Have a rough idea: You don’t need a concrete plan but it does help if you have some idea of what you want to buy. You won’t be drawing a blank, but also know that flexibility is fine, too.
  5. Have a date: It’s okay to be flexible here, too, but have some sort of timeline for when you want certain things to be taken care of.
  6. Go homemade: You have plenty of time for some DIY gifts and home projects. Going homemade can save you money and are more personal.
  7. Buy extra: Just in case! Even with careful planning you might forget or overlook someone, or an extra guest might show up. But you won’t panic because you’ll be prepared.

Holiday shopping is a big chore that takes a bite out of your wallet, but you can make it a little easier by getting an early start!

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