How To Save On Gift Wrapping

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Welcome to #ThrowbackThursday! Every Thursday we’ll be celebrating the wisdom of our foremothers with some themed tips from the Great Depression era. Feel free to get in on the fun! Write your own Throwback Thursday tips on our Facebook wall, or tweet @CatchyFreebies with the hashtag #ThrowbackThursday. If we choose your tip for a feature, we’ll send you a sample from our stash! 

This #ThrowbackThursday, we’re anticipating the coming holidays by continuing last month’s discussion on how to save money on gifts. This week, let’s chat about gift wrap! Wrapping paper and ribbons are everywhere during this time of year, in a variety of pretty colors, fun patterns, and styles. Of course the cost of these extras can add up quick, and that’s before you include the cost of the gifts themselves! If you’re sticking to a budget, skip the shiny gift paper, silk bows, and fancy ribbons. The frugal presents you made or picked out will still be just as fabulous! Here are some ideas for wrapping and decorating gifts that won’t cost a pretty penny:

  • Save the paper when you or your kids receive gifts wrapped in high-quality wrapping paper, and wrap it around a paper towel roll for safe-keeping until the holidays.
  • Save unwrinkled, clean brown paper bags or pretty paper shopping bags – even if they have a design on the outside, you can turn them inside out and use that to wrap your presents.
  • Alternatively, use brown lunch bags as your “gift paper” and decorate with markers!
  • Save your potato chip bags, turn ‘em inside out and give ‘em a scrub for free foil paper (while reducing home waste)! Really.
  • Wrap gifts in newspaper or craft paper if you have some lying around.
  • No newspaper? Buy some tissue paper instead of wrapping paper – it’s a lot cheaper and more flexible, so you can use it for gifts with awkward shapes.
  • Check the dollar bins at major stores like Target, or check your local dollar store to see if they’re running deals on wrapping or craft paper.
  • For a bow, buy a bit of tulle (it’s cheap!) instead of pricey ribbon.
  • Fabric scraps or a bit of string will also make a cute and rustic-looking bow that costs you nothing!
  • Spruce up a plain package with some stickers, stamps, or drawings. Get creative with your craft supplies!

How do you save on gifts or gift wrapping? Leave us a comment on Facebook or send us your thoughts on Twitter @CatchyFreebies using the hashtag #ThrowbackThursday!


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