How to Prevent and Treat Pneumonia

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This #ThrowbackThursday, it’s also World Pneumonia Day. We want to join in with the effort to raise awareness about pneumonia and protect the world’s population against the disease by sharing the top ways to prevent and treat pneumonia.

Did you know that pneumonia is the #1 infectious killer of children under five? Pneumonia kills over 900,000 children every year, even though it is a preventable and treatable disease. That’s why World Pneumonia Day is so important – share and spread the word with the hashtag #WorldPneumoniaDay! Here are the best ways to prevent pneumonia:

  • Breastfeed exclusively, if possible, at least through the first six months of an infant’s life while eating a healthy, balanced diet
  • Provide a nutritious diet to children and teach proper dietary habits
  • Eat a balanced, nutritious diet
  • Practice regular hand washing with clean water
  • Prevent and eliminate air pollution inside the home, such as smoke
  • Vaccinate against pneumococcus, Hib, measles, and pertussis
  • Provide zinc supplements to children with diarrhea

Pneumonia comes in two forms: viral and bacterial. If pneumonia is caused by bacteria it can be cured with antibiotics like amoxicillin. If pneumonia is viral it cannot be cured with antibiotics, but your doctor may give you antibiotics to prevent a bacterial infection from developing (if your doctor gives you antibiotics, remember to take a probiotic to protect your gut). Here are the best ways to treat pneumonia at home:

  • Get lots of rest to let your body heal itself
  • Drink plenty of water and fluids, like green tea
  • Take high doses of vitamin C
  • Let yourself cough – that’s your body getting rid of the infection!
  • Take acetaminophen or aspirin if you have a fever – but DO NOT give aspirin to those under 20 years old and be careful when giving children any cough or cold medicines

Get in touch with your doctor if you feel worse or weaker, or if you have fever or shortness of breath. Learn more about pneumonia, prevention, and how you can help.

What’s the best way you know to prevent pneumonia? Leave us a comment on Facebook or send us your thoughts on Twitter @CatchyFreebies using the hashtag #ThrowbackThursday!


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