Happy National Hot Dog Day!

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Today, July 14, 2016 is National Hot Dog Day- definitely an occasion to celebrate! And you don’t even have to be a meat eater to participate, since there are so many tasty vegan hot dog options! Hot dogs, also known as frankfurters, are the classic American summer food, which is kind of funny when you know that they originated in the German city of Frankfurt. Here are some other hot dog fun facts in honor of this day:

  • 7-Eleven sells the most grilled hot dogs every year.
  • Over 25 million hot dogs are sold in baseball stadiums each year.
  • Peak season for hot dogs is between Memorial Day and Labor Day. (Bet you knew that already!)
  • Hot dogs are staples at cookouts and baseball games.
  • Mustard is the most popular hot dog condiment for adults, while kids prefer ketchup.

Of course you can enjoy your hot dog today the classic way- on a bun with the topping of your choice, but since it’s a special day, try jazzing it up a bit with any of these suggestions:

And if you’re a real hot dog lover, you don’t have to limit yourself to this one day. Hot dogs are easy to prepare and so economical that you can enjoy them any day of the year!

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