Fun Ways To Connect With Your Kids

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Family time is so important. It’s great for our kids to know that we love to spend time with them, and having fun with the family is also a nice break from work or the usual chaos of daily life. Since life can get busy and maybe just a little stressful at times, it’s a good idea all around to set aside time especially for the family. Let your kids know that being with them is a priority for you- and something you enjoy, too, because it’s fun! And the good thing is that you can have fun connecting as a family without spending a lot of money, either. Here are some ideas for fun ways to connect with your kids:

1. Cook together:

Cooking can be fun, and the result is yummy! It’s a great way to spend time with kids because you actually accomplish something they can be proud of. And all that measuring can also be a fun way to sneak in some math practice!

2. Bake:

Like cooking, baking is also a fun thing to do that has results you can eat. Bake some cookies in fun shapes and have fun decorating them. If baking’s not really your thing, skip it altogether and decorate some store bought cupcakes.

3. Go outdoors:

The outdoors is a wonderful place to bond. The fresh air will do you all some good, as will the exercise you’ll get with lots of outdoor activities. Play a sport, go bike riding, or try a nature walk, which will give you an opportunity for good conversation as well.

4. Play a game:

It’s nice to take a break from screens once in a while and play a game where you interact with people. Make some popcorn and settle in!

5. Play with toys:

If you have younger kids, get down on the floor and play with LEGO, blocks, trucks, dolls, or whatever your child likes. Let yourself relax and enjoy watching your child’s imagination at work. Relax a little more and see how much fun it is to work with your own imagination!

6. Playdough:

I’ve never met a kid who didn’t love playdough- and I surprised myself the last time I played with it myself. Kneading and shaping playdough is surprisingly therapeutic! If you have time, make your own together. Click here for some easy playdough recipes.

7. Do a craft:

Crafts are fun and creative, and there are different projects to do with kids of all ages. Check out Pinterest for the biggest variety of ideas and instructions.

8. Read:

Reading together is such a nice way to bond with kids, and also an opportunity to open conversations about all kinds of things depending on your kids’s ages. For older kids you can each read the same book and then have a discussion- kind of like your own book club! Don’t forget the snacks!

These are just a few fun ideas to get you started. The possibilities are endless and the most important thing is that your kids know that you like doing things with them.

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