Fab & Frugal Summer Wedding

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Summer weddings are absolutely gorgeous – is summer the best time to tie the knot? Despite the chance of rain and the high likelihood of hair-damaging humidity, the summer is such a fun season for an outdoor wedding. And the possibilities are endless! But even if you’re dreaming of a destination wedding, you’ll probably have money on the mind while you plan. Here are some of the best tips we found for keeping your wedding on-budget.

  • Ask for help instead of housewarming gifts! Whether you like it or not, that’s what family and friends are for. Ask your guests to help out with preparations, cooking, decorating, cleanup, or anything else you need a hand with on the big day – and forgo the presents, since their presence is present enough! (Pun-forgivable, I know.)
  • Stay local! When you’re picking out a location, lean toward venues you won’t have to pay (much) for – your grandparents’ old barn, your parents’ backyard, your best friend’s awesome garden – get creative! Plus, if you host the wedding and the reception in the same general area, you’re saving everyone else some gas money, and they’ll probably thank you for that!
  • Get hitched early! Believe it or not, morning weddings are much more thrifty than evening weddings, since the latter are more formal.
  • Stick to apps and aperitifs! Instead of a full meal, having just appetizers and small drinks will keep your people happy and your wallet full. If you go for that morning or afternoon wedding, apps are a totally appropriate dining choice, and keep things fun and informal. Plus you’ll be lighter on your feet when it’s time to break out the dance moves!
  • Homegrown is best! For the floral arrangements, find a local, family-owned business and stick to flowers that are in-season for the best deals, or ask your green-thumbed friends for some help. With a little planning, you could even grow your own flowers for your wedding! Wouldn’t that be something!
  • Print your own invitations! Design and print your own invitations at home to save on paper good costs. Better yet, hand-deliver all your invitations (if possible) for a personal touch that will save you more!
  • Primp on your own time! Do your own hair and makeup (and have the bridal party do the same) or ask a makeup-loving friend to do it. Tip them in future favors!
  • BYOT: Bring Your Own Threads! Have your bridal party source their own outfits from their closets, or have a thrifting party at your local Goodwill or other secondhand clothing store. Your bridal party will look more creative and individual, and you’ll be able to save up for your honeymoon!
  • Bake your own cake! Or have a friend do it for you. Wedding cakes can be SUPER pricey, so this tip could save you hundreds or even thousands. If you don’t have any baking fiends on your guest list, try a local family-owned bakery and get a quote without mentioning that it’s for a wedding – you might avoid a markup!

Find even more fabulous money-saving tips for your perfect summer wedding here, here, and here! What are your favorite tips for saving on the big day? Comment below!


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