Enjoy a Frugal Steam Bath!

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Hello and welcome to #SpoilYourselfSunday, where we celebrate simple and frugal ways to enjoy a little me-time. Get in the spirit – write your own Spoil Yourself Sunday tips on our Facebook wall, or tweet @CatchyFreebies with the hashtag #SpoilYourselfSunday. If we choose your tip for a feature, we’ll send you a sample from our stash! 

This post goes out to all the busy moms, dads, students, and others! We’ve all had those months weeks days where we can’t seem to find even the barest second for a breather. It’s time to say yes to just a few minutes of me-time with this speedy de-stressing multi-tasker: a frugal steam bath!

Carve out a few minutes at the end of the day to make a cup of tea, and while you wait for it to brew and cool, simply close your eyes and take a few deep breaths while you hold your face still over the hot mug. It’ll open up your pores and release toxins hiding in your skin; plus you’ll feel much more relaxed in just seconds! To amp up the benefits of this quick steam, drape a hand-towel over your head and the mug before getting your meditation on.

Need help choosing the right tea for you? If you’re feeling tired and need to stay up, choose a black or green tea, since they have the most caffeine. Need to wind down before bed? Reach for chamomile tea – not only will it help you relax and fall asleep, but it also has moisturizing and cleansing properties that benefit skin! Bloated or upset stomach? Grab some peppermint tea to fight stress, aid digestion, and get rid of gas – or pick up some ginger tea, which will help calm your stomach and stop nausea in its tracks. Feeling a cold coming on? Ward off disease with rooibos or rosehip tea! For more help choosing your perfect tea, read this article from TeaSource and put some water on to boil!

What are your favorite frugal self-care tips? Leave us a comment on social media using the hashtag #SpoilYourselfSunday!


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