Chicken Soup For The Prime Soul – 6 FREE Services From Amazon Prime

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The 22-year-old e-commerce company is not your average digital store. While it houses any item you can think of, from a box of basic toothpicks to a Multi-Functional Outdoor Portable Camping Folding Shovel and Pickaxe, there are far more layers of benefits extended only to Amazon Prime members outside of convenience and variety. Students, rejoice! For you are able to explore the kingdom of Prime for six months for free! Those who are not enrolled in school, it’s never too late to learn about Amazon Prime. Our class is in session, here are 6 FREE services from Amazon Prime.

  • Free Shipping
    One of the key features that really allowed Amazon Prime to take off was their free Two-Day Shipping. For the casual online shopper, the $99 price tag seemed to be excessive. However to the power Amazon user, the Two-Day Shipping was able to save them a substantial amount of money per year. The company even offers free SAME day delivery in certain locations for certain items. That reason alone was able to persuade many Amazon consumers.  
  • Amazon Music Unlimited and Prime Video
    Streaming services like Netflix and Spotify might be convenient and low cost. However you’re able to cut down on those two particular services when you sign up for Amazon Prime. Amazon’s stream answer to the two competitors included critically acclaimed TV Original series like Transparent and The Man In The High Castle. If you’re a Garth Brooks fan, you’re able to exclusively stream his Modern Folk Country Rock tunes too!
  • Restaurant Delivery
    The same concept applies to Restaurant Delivery. If you use companies GrubHub or UberEats, then you’ll also want to use this Prime Exclusive too. Amazon is very straight forward with it’s approach to the service, to quote the website “Get one-one delivery from popular restaurants.” The only drawback is that Metropolitan areas seem to offer the service but expect location expansions throughout the years to come.  
  • Dash Buttons
    The Dash Button is probably one of the most genius “Vision Of The Future” gadget available for larger Urban/Suburban families. Let’s say your household goes through cases of Gatorade like The New England Patriots. As a Prime Member you would be able to purchase  this clearly marked, one button item. It is about the size of key fob, about as thick as a pack of Post-It notes, ad sticks to whatever flat surface you place it on. When pressed, the Dash Button will automatically send an order of your last known Gatorade purchase. It get’s delivered to your door using the two day free shipping OR you can place an automatic subscription to that item to be delivered 1 to 6 month period. It’s a game-changer for larger families.
  • Amazon Elements
    The most trusted mega-ecommerce corporation has a long history of developing and retaining customer trust and satisfaction. Amazon Elements is a genuine reflection of their pride, bringing a whole new level of transparency and loyalty to their customer care promise. This branch within the Amazon Prime exclusives umbrella caters solely on infant care (as of right now) and places heavy emphasis on customer feedback so as to better their products. That’s real love Amazon.
  • Member Sharing
    Many households who mutually share digital accounts HATE that fact they have to see recommendations that aren’t theirs. You love your husbands nicely trimmed beard, but you don’t care that there’s a Lightning Deal on Gillette Razor cartridges. Amazon Prime allows for mates to share their benefits with the same household, their Audible Channels, and much more. (Sorry Amazon Prime Students, can’t share with your roommate. We’ve tried.)


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