9 Ways To Save Money On Haircuts

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With spring well under way, now’s a good time to change up your look a little, and one great way to do that is with a new hairstyle! The problem is that a good haircut can be a bit pricey; but don’t worry! We’re all about saving, and here are some tips to help you get gorgeous hair without spending too much.

  1. Get a student. Go to your local beauty school and have a student give you a haircut. Don’t be nervous- the students are well supervised and you’ll save a lot. You may even score a free haircut!
  2. Social media. Follow salons in your area so you’ll always know about promotions and specials.
  3. Discount sites. Check for coupons on discount sites like Groupon.
  4. Service swaps. Do you know someone who can cut hair? Try swapping a haircut for a batch of your famous chocolate chip cookies.
  5. Go for a longer style. Maintenance is still important to keep long hair looking healthy, but you can go a longer time between trims, which is a savings.
  6. Donate. Many salons will give you a free haircut when you donate your hair to Locks of Love or other organizations. There are guidelines for lengths and other considerations so check with your local salons.
  7. Be a hair model. Model in ads for a salon in exchange for a free haircut.
  8. Just the cut. Skip the shampoo and blow-dry, and save.
  9. Walk-in salons. These are generally less expensive than more upscale salons where you need an appointment.

Saving money doesn’t have to make you feel like you’re giving anything up. You can save some money and still glam it up! Do you have any favorite ways to save money on haircuts? Share them with us on Facebook!


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