9 Ways to Get Cheap Babysitting

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A good babysitter is a parenting necessity. Whether you need someone to watch the kids so you can go to work, for date night, or just for some time to yourself, a babysitter you can trust- and that your kids like- is a real lifesaver. The tricky thing is that paying for a babysitter can really take a bite out of your budget- we all know about that! But there will be times when you need some child care help, so what do you do when you don’t want to- or can’t- spend too much money on that? Keep reading and learn!

1. Ask a relative:

Grandparents are usually more than happy to spend some time with their grandchildren, and that’s so good for the kids, too. Aunts, uncles, and other relatives who love your kids are also good options if they’re willing and able. Paying relatives for doing you a favor can be weird, but sending flowers or a small gift card is a nice gesture if they help you often.

2. Swap with friends:
Another system that works well for some families is taking turns with friends: one time you watch their kids, and the next time they watch yours.

3. Gym babysitting:

Lots of gyms offer babysitting for members- for free or for just a few dollars- so you can work out knowing that your kids are being looked after, and probably having fun, too.

4. At-home date night:

Put the kids to bed early and plan something special for date night at home.

5. Au-pair:

An au-pair is usually a student from abroad who lives with a family in exchange for helping with child care. This can be a great experience for your kids- almost like an older sibling who speaks another language and can tell them about another culture.

6. Babysitter share:

If paying for your own babysitter is too expensive, ask around to see if another family- or families- are interested in sharing a babysitter and the cost with you. You can split up the day or the week, or have the babysitter watch all the kids together.

7. In-home daycare:

This works out well for lots of parents and kids. You bring your children to the babysitter’s home and it’s usually less expensive.

8. Students:

Students are always looking to make some extra cash and babysitting is a good job with flexible hours.

9. Double duty:

It can be economical to hire someone who can do more than one job for you- like a nanny/housekeeper.

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