9 Tips For Burning More Fat

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There’s a lot of information out there on health, weight loss, and burning fat. It’s almost overwhelming, isn’t it? There’s a lot to know about healthy lifestyle habits, and to be honest, much of it sounds like a lot of hard work! Not that my body isn’t worth it, but you know what I mean. If something is easy, we’re more likely to do it and stick to it, so I’ve put together a list of easy ways to burn more fat.  No harm in cutting corners when we can!

1. Drink a lot of water:

You need to stay hydrated for your optimal body function, and that includes your metabolism. Take it up a notch and drink cold water, which burns more calories as your body works to warm you up.

2. Give up sweetened beverages:

Sugar gets stored as fat, and even diet soda can trigger sugar cravings. Stick to water and green tea.

3. Eat healthy fats:

I know this sounds weird- how could eating fat help you burn fat?- but trust me, it’s key. Eating healthy fat helps your body burn fat for energy, plus it keeps your blood sugar steady, which will help prevent between meal snacking and cravings.

4. Eat spicy food:

This will help speed your metabolism, burn fat, and reduce your appetite.

5. Eat protein:

Eating protein is essential for efficient fat burning. Protein also helps build and maintain lean muscle, which plays a role in fat burning.

6. Get more sleep:

This will keep your hormones at the right levels to burn fat. And when you’re sleeping you can’t eat!

7. Eat breakfast:

Jump-start your metabolism in the morning to keep it on all day. Make sure your meal includes protein, healthy fat, and whole grain.

8. Do strength training:

The more muscle you have, the more fat you’ll burn. Cardio is important, too, but take the time and work with weights regularly.

9. Eat six small meals a day:

This keeps your metabolism working and also raises your metabolic rate.

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