9 Things to do With A Lonely Sock

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It’s a universal law that I just can’t explain, but every load of laundry will give you at least one lonely sock. There are other ways to accumulate lonely socks- you start off with a pair and one gets used up before the other, and you’re left with a lonely one that’s still too good to throw away. Being lonely is sad, but what can you do with one sock that has no pair? Don’t even think of throwing it out, because with a little creativity you can put it to pretty good use!

1. Protect golf clubs:

Just put a sock over your golf clubs to prevent them from getting banged around

2. Clean your car:

An old sock is soft and won’t scratch your car, and when you’re done, you can just toss it.

3. Potpourri:

Fill a sock with potpourri and place it in your car, closet, gym bag, or any place you want to keep fresh.

4. Dusting:

Place a sock on your hand and use it for dusting; it will attract dirt and dust without scratching. You can make it damp or get a little furniture polish and wipe away.

5. Sock puppet:

Have fun with the kids and make cute sock puppets.

6. Heating pad:

I love this one! Fill a sock with rice and knot to close. Microwave for about 30 seconds and use as a heating pad.

7. Cover an ice pack:

This is a great idea for applying an ice pack directly to your skin because it won’t be too cold and it will absorb drips so you won’t get all wet.

8. Crafts:

Sock puppets are just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many crafts you can do with socks- just Google or check out Pinterest.

9. Mix it up:

Who ever said you can’t wear two different socks?

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