9 Things To Buy In September

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You know we like to save money, and we know you do, too! Getting new things is always exciting, and even better when you can get those new things at a savings. You’re a smart shopper- you look around for deals, make use of coupon codes, and wrack up those rewards- but it’s also smart to know what typically goes on sale each month, so you can save even more. So here are some of the best things to buy in September:

1. Previous generation Apple products:

Apple usually introduces its new products in September or October, so you can get previous generation versions at sale prices! With rumors of the iPhone 8 being released soon, there are already some good deals to be found on earlier iPhones.

2. Airline tickets:

If you’re planning to take a trip this fall, now’s the time to start booking those tickets. Save even more money when you fly on Tuesday or Wednesday.

3. Bikes:

New models arrive in stores in September, so they’ll want to move out the older bikes to make room. This means great savings if you’re in the market for a new bike.

4. Cars:

Car dealers offer great deals on previous year models. They also want to make room for the new year models that come in soon.

5. Appliances:

Same with appliances like refrigerators, washers, and dryers: new ones come in the fall and the stores need to move out the old ones.

6. Grills:

End of season sales will score you some fabulous savings on a new grill. There’s still time for outdoor cooking, and it will be ready for you when the warm weather returns in the spring.

7. Lawn mowers:

Stores want to clear these out, too, so if you’re in the market for a lawn mower, buy it now.

8. Swing sets:

Save big when you buy outdoor play equipment this month!

9. Coffee:

September 29 is National Coffee Day, so watch out for promos and special deals all month long.

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