9 Things To Buy In July

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July is an exciting month- Independence Day, of course, and it’s the first full month of summer! Warm days, lots of sunshine, and no homework! All good things, right? And here’s something else: there are lots of great bargains to be had in July! Here are some of the best things to buy in July:

  1. Bathing suits: Yup, most people already bought what they need for the season, and stores want to get rid of what’s left to make room for incoming fall merchandise, so you’ll get great prices on bathing suits you’ll still have plenty of time to wear this summer. Bathing suit styles don’t change very much from year to year, so you can buy them up now and save them for next summer.
  2. Amazon Prime Day: This year, Prime Day is July 11. Keep your eyes open and score some amazing deals.
  3. Outdoor gear: Save on bikes, as well as biking, fishing, and camping gear and apparel this month.
  4. House paint: Most people don’t do house painting in the summer, so how do stores move their paint? They put it on sale. Buy it now to use in the cooler months.
  5. Air conditioners: Past sales show the best summer prices for air conditioners come up in July. Do the necessary research to make sure you get the most efficient one for your needs and save on energy bills.
  6. Fourth of July sales: Pretty much everyone will have them and it’s a good opportunity for big savings.
  7. Sandals and flip-flops: Now is the time for the best prices and selection. Prices might go down more in August, but there won’t be much left by then.
  8.  Laptops: July is not the cheapest time to buy a laptop, but you can find some bargains and stores start to get their back-to-school deals ready.
  9. Water parks: A family trip to a water park is a fun way to cool down in the summer, and there are tons of discounts! Always check before you go.

Enjoy the warm, relaxed days of summer even more, knowing you can save some money!

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